i’m still a work in progress. not a day goes by i don’t think my art sucks. but i keep on going. why?

since 2010 i have been making comics of the underground variety which we in that world refer to as “comix.” something about this form of expression struck me. it was around 2009 when i came across the Franz Kafka biography as illustrated by Robert Crumb, often considered to be the father of the art form. i was immediately entranced by his manner of drawing and over time i began to develop my own style in this tradition. i have since gathered a number of other influences like Basil Wolverton, Gilbert Shelton, and New Orleans’ artist Caesar Meadows, among many others. i like the raw, rough-around-the-edges appearance of the underground. i think of it as a reaction to the increasingly digital nature of modern life. regardless, though, of any deeper reasons why i am drawn to it which i could go on and on about for a long time, i just like it and that’s that.

i don’t consider my art to be limited to comix. i don’t like the phrase lowbrow when connected to what i do. i don’t consider it any more lowbrow than other forms of entertainment. it took me many years to get where i am now with my drawing abilities, and while i’m still generally dissatisfied, i try my best and i am not just trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. like for example, if i ever do a boob joke or something similarly crass, it will be in the mannerism of some character or situation i am illustrating as part of a larger point. i don’t like cheap shots or gimmicks.

i do commentary through the occasional political cartoon too and i also do more standard cartoons, more notably for the official magazine of the city i live in: Slidell, Louisiana. it is for this publication that i exercise my fatherly touch in a family cartoon with universal themes which is always rated G. for New Orleans’ own Antigravity Magazine, i have been contributing my comix series Roy Killjoy for some time. i have been developing Roy Killjoy for a little over a year, and he has become something of an imaginary friend of mine through which to vicariously air my gripes.

Hal Mundane, as a character and cartoon universe, is coming together slowly. i have many plans for it. if you click around the blog a while, you will see years of development in progress. i really want to put together a wide-ranging photo gallery of all this stuff, but god that will take forever and i’d rather just keep pushing forward.

i am planning on releasing some comic books in the near future. i have put out one zine of my own work already which was pretty rough around the edges i want to re-release (this time legibly), but i have loads of material to do many more when time and effort conspire to make this happen, especially for my surrealistic semi-autobiographical series Slow Death of a Pseudo-Intellectual (which is probably my favorite comic to draw because it is 100% honest and real even as within the panels i am able to toss my own head into outer space and converse with a wisely sardonic bird named Beakman).

i really believe i am just getting started, even though i have been drawing seriously for 7 years now. i contribute in some capacity to a number of underground publications when opportunities present themselves, including my very favorite yearly comix compendium Feast Yer Eyes out of New Orleans, to which i have contributed for four years now.

if you are interested in my work for your publication, please feel free to contact me. If you aren’t paying anything for the work, i will have to believe in your aesthetic and general vibe to consider contribution. if you would like to purchase any of the art you see here or request a commission of some kind, feel free to contact me at this email address: