Stumpy #4: There Is No Why

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Stumpy - There Is No Why (Color)


Stumpy really takes me back to a time when reality was in flux and another panic was always just around the corner of a bunch of unnecessary thoughts. I guess some people would call it a quarter life crisis. Anyway, I’ve decided the comic is just going to follow Stumpy talking to various creatures, trying to understand their life philosophies while coming to grips with his own. Unfortunately, we can’t all be like the venus flytraps – waiting around for another fly to land. I think the worldview embodied by the flytraps in this panel is kind of New Age-y. The universe will provide. Don’t worry, be happy.

Some people have an answer for everything. All of life’s problems seem to crystallize for them and they always seem above worrying or nail-biting or turning to self-destructive vices. For the rest of us, we grind our teeth, we struggle sleeping at night, and we don’t know our place in this world. For me, the truth has always seemed to fall somewhere in the grey areas, my next move somewhat ambiguous. These days, that’s when I read some random article or pull out the sketchbook or do a bunch of yoga, but a few years ago – – well, I didn’t have it together then. There were a lot of bathroom floors, hugging toilets, salty tears.

I was more like Stumpy then. Set adrift. Looking for “home.” Grasping at the straws of the “universe.”

Here’s to your search and hoping that everyone reading this finds peace of mind if they don’t have it already. Otherwise, keep searching…


“There is no WHY, since the moment simply is, and since all of us are simply trapped in the moment, like bugs in Amber.”

– Kurt Vonnegut